Wednesday, 13 October 2010

sew -a-thon

I spent the month of August ensconced in my mother's shed hand sewing a large embroidery piece to adorn the window of The Art Shop and Gallery, Abergavenny, a little jem of a shop which holds a brilliantly stock of art supplies and up stair a gallery of finely picked work where they also hold courses.
The occasion was the yearly Abergavenny food festival, the biggest of it's kind in the country.
So with my love for all things culinary my work fits in rather well.
The linen and cotton doilies and table settings i use as a base for this piece didn't travel too far from the charity shops they were purchased from in Pembrokeshire before being stitched with a mix of cups and saucers, biscuits and cutlery .
It was an epic task but went down well. I include some close up photographs but to see it in its entirety you'll have to come and visit me at one of my forthcoming shows...


  1. That looks amazing! A sew-a-thon indeed :)

  2. lovely lady,
    thanks for being my 1st commenter, if that's a word.
    also for the brilliant tequnical advise!
    who ever called me a ludite.

  3. ps please excuse spelling.
    i can't find the spell check on this thing.

  4. Really admiring these. I love the cross stich one with the bourbon biscuit in particular.