Tuesday, 10 March 2009

sorry for the tiny text, that's computers for you.
i was just mentioning the other two lovely screen prints in this series...
'Dearest Nones' & 'Tower House Meadow'
you can see them at any of my shows or if you can't make them then please do contact me.

here as promised is one of my new screen prints which are being shown at my exhibition...
'at home'
the Edge Gallery
this print is called 'an Appalachian acorn'
the acorn was found by myself on the Appalachian trail
whilest i was in the states with my husband at the end of last year. It is the biggest acorn i've ever seen but that is America
i have two other rather nice screen prints to accompany this one which you can see at any of my forthcoming shows or if you are unable to attend them please do contact me.
for you.