Thursday, 5 November 2009

£10 gifts...

off to Lustre tomorrow in Nottingham for a weekend show- 7 & 8 November, with Ely in tow and a helping hand from my dear mother. I have managed to whip up some great new gifts (if i do say so myself) printed handkerchiefs of 3 designs to be purchased for a mear £10.
Other barging gifts for the forth coming festivities will be at all my shows coming up and on my etsey site or you can contact me direct.
Images of the other goodies and information on shows, i will post next week. for details on Lustre.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

so much for maternity leave...

well it has been some time since my last communications but i have a rather good excuse as i've been busy with this lovely young chap.
My son Ely K French
, who was born on the 5th of August.
Fortunately he is really good and lies on my desk at the studio while i get on with my work. obviously this won't last to long but i am taking full advantage of it at the moment.
I am getting ready for Luster at the beginning of next month.
Having a sort out of my website and putting some jewellery together for some new shops/galleries.
i will add full details shortly as well as some new products for Christmas.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

sorry for the tiny text, that's computers for you.
i was just mentioning the other two lovely screen prints in this series...
'Dearest Nones' & 'Tower House Meadow'
you can see them at any of my shows or if you can't make them then please do contact me.

here as promised is one of my new screen prints which are being shown at my exhibition...
'at home'
the Edge Gallery
this print is called 'an Appalachian acorn'
the acorn was found by myself on the Appalachian trail
whilest i was in the states with my husband at the end of last year. It is the biggest acorn i've ever seen but that is America
i have two other rather nice screen prints to accompany this one which you can see at any of my forthcoming shows or if you are unable to attend them please do contact me.
for you.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

WHAT'S ON.....

hello & welcome to my blog.
i've been busy making new work for my show 'at home', which starts in March.
The drawings are done and screens made, with printing to be started this week.
You shall be able to view the new group of screen prints here soon.
you can always see them in person at...

The Edge Gallery
20-22 kings street.
Lancaster La1 1jY
6th March-30th April. .

it is an American site so everything is priced in $$ and you can purchase straight away. find yourself or a loved one something rather nice. Don't forget, the day of LOVE is on it's way.

To view all of my work- jewellery, all sorts of prints and original drawings have a look at my website...

*Each weekend of May from 11am - 6pm ,
The Dragonfly House
48 Ditchling Rise
Brighton Bn1 4Qn
The House of Newts
26 South Avenue

*JUNE 4th - 7th
Bovey Tracy Contemporary Craft Fair