Monday, 13 October 2014

This & That

So it all starts again.
I will be off next week to Made London for a weekend surrounded by fine quality crafts, housed in a beautiful Sir John Soane church at number 1 Marylebone. All very nice. It will be my birthday on the friday so do bring some cake if you come that day! I will alas be missing my son's 2nd birthday.
This is a great show to be part of but i am going to have to not do it some time or change Lenny's birth date?! 
Noverber will hold a dash to Nottingham for Lustre, which will be great to be showing at it again after a 2 year break. Then back down to the South coast to Made Brighton. A fair i have not yet been a part of so it will be exciting to be back in my old stomping ground.
If you would like ticket's for any of these events do get in touch and i can send some on to you...

These beauties are at the platers being turned to gold! I am branching out so keep watching & i'll post the result. You could always see them in person at one of my shows too.

 Having kept myself away from all the social media i have entered in & am rather hocked on instagram. Being of very basic skills for all this modern computer things as you can see i haven't got as far as the working of how to get a link to my instagram feed so you'll just have to check it yourself if you fancy.... racheleardleysomerset
Snappy, i know but there are a lot of Rachel Eardley's out there.

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