Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Stationary Cupboard

I have been really busy since coming back form the West Dean show last month,  getting organised for my next event in New York and desperately trying to have some time off over the summer holidays.
Very important in my business, work hard and time to play too!
Being a fan of all things stationary and a lover of sending and receiving post, i have always made my business cards into picture post cards. Having just had some new photos taken of my work, here are my new picture post cards of x4 different designs. x2 photos of my jewellery by the brilliant Lorry Eason & the other x2, my  drawings of the coins used in my 'Nature Necklace' & 'Many Headed Necklace'.
Do send me your address and i'll get one off to you! or come & visit me at one of my shows later in the year.
*Note the bare feet, such a joy to be able to work bare footed.

Stickers too. This is extremely exciting for me as i have waited a mere 15 years!!! to get stickers for my business. I do finally get there with everything that's in my head even if it takes well over a decade. There's always so much to do.

& finally my stamps, i have diligently been hand drawing all my jewellery boxes with the coins used to make each piece for years now. After having to fulfill all my trade orders at the beginning of the year i  knew it was worth finding the time to get some stamps made for my most popular pieces. These will also come in handy for my next trip Stateside so watch this space for my stand displays (or booth as they call it, brilliant), where i intend to put them to full use. With all those ticks off the list - eventually, I am feeling pretty organised & thinking i might be in need of a stationary cupboard now!

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