Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The scenic route

*This is a little dolls pinny i found at a jumble sale last week for 5p. Abandoned on the toy table until i came along. The stitching is incredibly detailed.

There should be and was an image of the flyer used to promote the show i am doing in Manchester this weekend but technology got the better of me and it all went a bit wrong so you got this beauty instead.

I am off to Manchester tomorrow via Wales on that best kept secret of a short cut.
It was a good idea when i first thought of it.
Really it will be nice, i am going to my in-laws first to visit them on their small holding where we were living earlier this year. I'll drop my son off and then get back on the scenic route up to Manchester to set up for The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.
Spot my brothers jugs on the poster.

I am doing lots of shows from now until Christmas and am off to Nottingham in a few weeks to take part in Lustre, November the 4th - 6th.
if you would like any invites for the preview evening on the Friday the 4th, email me with your address and i will pop some in the post for you.

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  1. I didn't even know you could buy anything for 5p these days... How wrong was I!
    Just found your blog via a little (window) shopping on your site. I will get something soon, just need to decide which print I like the best, which is hard.